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Professional Foodservice Design in Three Phases
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Phase 1.

    a.  Interview - discuss your proposed space, menu and equipment preferences.

    b.  Visit Site - or review architect's proposed plans of the space(s).

    c.  Develop Preliminary Floor Plan(s) - indicating specific  equipment locations based upon discussions.

Phase 2.

    a.  Final Floor Plan - location of each piece of equipment.

    b.  Equipment Schedule - item by item description of equipment with manufacturer name and all plumbing & electrical requirements.

    c .  Rough-In Plans for all food service equipment

    1. Plumbing locations
    2. Electrical locations
    3. Ventilation and building works. These plans indicate exhaust and make-up air requirements, duct sizes and locations for use by your Mechanical Engineer. Building works plans indicate any special construction requirements to ensure proper installation of food service equipment such as wall backing locations, concrete curbs, remote refrigeration, beer & soda conduit runs.

    d.  Elevations  - for all food service and bar equipment

    e.  Coordination - with engineering and construction consultants.

Phase 3.

    a.  Written Specifications - for all equipment indicated on floor plan and equipment schedule to obtain competitive bids from kitchen equipment contractors/dealers.

    b.  Site Visitations - to review the progress of the job and to ensure that all plumbing, electrical stub-outs are in their proper locations and that the equipment dealer has installed the kitchen equipment according to the plans and specifications.


  1. Submit kitchen plans to Health Department and interact with them as needed.
  2. Prepare budgets and estimate equipment costs.
  3. Project Management
    • Distribution and review of bid documents
    • Coordination with equipment suppliers

  Our design drawings are created in

       Food service plans are engineered by others.
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