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Looking for a Qualified Chef?

If you're a restaurant operator looking for future chefs, look at these great sites:

The Culinary Institute of America

University of Guelph, Hotel & Food Administration Department

Johnson & Wales / College of Culinary Arts    


Equipment Manufacturers

The Groen Process -  steam equipment

Equipment Group

Cleveland Range Company


Publications & Associations  for Foodservice Operators

Nation's Restaurant News

California Restaurant Association (CRA)

National Restaurant Association   (NRA)

No. American Assn. of Foodservice Equipment Mfgrs. (NAFEM)

Restaurants & Institutions

Culinary and Hospitality Industry Publications Services  (C.H.I.P.S)

ADA Home Page

NSF International

American Gas Association

Underwriters Laboratory


CAD Links

Cadence Magazine

Cadalyst On Line

The Cobb Group


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